The Internal School Gong Fu


The internal school in Gong Fu is made of the styles Xing Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Tai Chi Quan. These styles are base don complex systems and theories, which set them apart from other Gong Fu styles (called external), which, generally speaking, lack a deeper theoretical grounding. Bagua Zhang is base don the theory presented by Yi Ching. Xing Yi Quan uses the five elements theory (gold, wood, water, fire, and earth) Tai Chi Quan is based on the Yin Yang theory. The internal styles also use Qi Gong (Taoist meditation), which is used to develop one’s internal energy.


People of all ages can practice an internal style. By practicing an internal school, the practitioner can at the same time train fighting, develop the intelligence, and maintain health.

In internal styles, the practitioner has the goal of sensing the universe around him/her and getting in sync with it, until reaching a melting pointing where he/she and the universe are one. At this moment, the universe is the individual, and the individual is the universe, and there’s no longer a distinction between them. In internal styles, the most important is not to execute a form. The most important is to develop the body’s sensitivity to the universe. In order for that to be accomplished focus, breathing, and relaxing are extremely important.

In other styles, there’s a greater emphasis on speed. The internal school states that in all movements, it is necessary to practice speed and slowness at the same time, for they are linked together. For instance: when one kills a fly, one must move quickly. But that movement is preceded by a slow movement: the aiming, the waiting for the right moment. Another example is the movement of a tortoise. When it is in motion, it never stops to focus or aim. It is a slow, but continuous motion. The conclusion is the same for both examples: It is necessary to train slowness and quickness, for all movement has both qualities.

The internal styles practitioner uses internal strength and energy in a fight. The martial artist of a internal school will never act first. He/she waits for the opponent’s attack. However, his/her attack arrives first.