History of BaGua Zhang

Bagua Zhang was founded by Dong Hei Chuan approximately 150 years ago. Dong Hei Chuan was Born in HEBEI in 1798 and died in 1882.

Bagua Zhang, Xin Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan are styles of internal Gong Fu that developed in very different ways.

Tai Ji Quan and Xin Yi Quan arose and were developed among the commoners, while Bagua Zhang was developed at the house of the Emperor.


Possession of knowledge was the factor that differentiated the house of the Emperor and the commoners. For that reason, every time that the Royal family heard of some great master in any craft whatsoever, such as music, painting, cooking, martial art, etc..

The Royal family hired the craftsman and forbade him to teach anyone else.

Dong Hei Chuan served the house of the Emperor until he was approximately seventy; after which he started teaching Bagua Zhang to the commoners

Bagua Zhang has several unique characteristics that greatly differentiate it from other Gon Fu styles; one of the most important is its walking in circle form, inspired by the theories of the I-CHING (Book of Changes).

When Dong Hei Chuan walked in circles, he did it so with unsurpassable mastery. He walked in a very low posture, faster than if he was running, and his very long braid remained horizontal due to the gush of wind that was formed.

When Dong Hei Chuan stared teaching the commoners, Bagua Zhang became a national trend and the greatest names of Chinese martial arts became his disciples.

GUO YUN SHEN and YANG LUCHANG also stated that DONG HEI CHUAN had a wondrous Gong Fu.

Dong Hei Chuan, GUO YUN SHEN, and YANG LUCHANG researched together the improvement of Gong Fu.

During the development of martial QI GONG, each master introduced a knowledge. YANG LUCHANG introduced TAI JI ZHANG, GOU YUN CHEN introduced XIN YI QUAN, and Dong Hei Chuan introduced Bagua Zhang.

Xin Yi Quan looks hard on the outside, but on the inside it is relaxed. Tai Ji Quan, on the contrary, has a soft exterior appearance, but it is extremely strong on the inside. In Bagua Zhang, the force changes constantly.

The fact that the three Grand-masters always trained together led the martial arts to reach their peak at that time. For that reason, among all styles of Gong Fu, the main line and the basis of the Chinese Martial Arts are the internal styles, i. e., Bagua Zhang, Tai Ji Quan, Xin Yi Quan.