The Cai Wen Yu Association of Traditional Martial Art and Chinese Culture was founded in 2001 by Sifu Cai Wen Yu, with main headquarters at São Paulo and a secondary one in Campinas. The association offers classes of Martial Arts (Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Tai Ji Quan) and Qi Gong. The classes are ministered exclusively by Sifu Cai (pronounced “Tsai”). New groups with at least four people may be formed.

The principle of the association is to try and develop culture, and at the same time bethink the past, the present, and the future of the human being.


The human being committed a serious mistake because, when they wished fo a perfect society, they emphasized technological advancement, bringing about the destruction of nature, as well as ignoring their own feelings and de balance with the natural world. Man has his origin in nature, and he cannot forget his roots.

Sifu Cai concludes that the thought of life philosophy is bases in three elements: 1) union of thought and action; 2) the fact that society is both material and spiritual; and 3) communion of Man and the Universe. To find the correct path, the human being must acknowledge their own mistake and correct themselves, for it is the courage to acknowledge one’s own mistake that leads the humankind to spiritual and psychological development.


The origin of Wu Shu (martial art) is the result of the experience acquired in the struggle for human survival. In every age in history, in the formation of every society, the individual has created defense and attack methods for his/her own survival, which we call Wu Shu. Wu Shu, or martial art, represents the spiritual need, the formation of studying or technology, the basis of the philosophy and the importance of social formation. The purpose of studying and practicing martial arts is to know and mend every person, find back their feelings, reinforce their moral behavior by trying to know what is right and what is wrong, and to benefit themselves and others.

If that is not the result obtained from the student, such practice cannot be called Wu Shu

The Cai Wen Yu Association of Traditional Martial Art and Chinese Culture is not a gym, nor is it a mere spreader of one style of Gong Fu.

  To us, Gong Fu is not the goal, the ends; it is the means, the process. Our goal is to study the science of the Human body to improve our knowledge and, thus, help each person to free themselves from their own limitations of thought, achieving a higher state of conscience.