Feng Shui is also called Ka Yu. The origin of Feng Shui comes from the Ho Tu which describes the movement of the universe (saying that it rotates to the left) that creates the Yang energy, and the Luo Shu which describes the movement of the Earth (which rotates to the right, according to Feng Shui theory), originating the Yin energy. Both energies (Yin and Yang) influence all creatures of the Earth, and the Earth itself, which is why they are related to one’s health, one’s home location, one’s success or failure in business.
Feng Shui is a method of studying how to use materials, the nature’s energy, the people, in order to put them in balance. There’s the Feng Shui’s activity of location housing, business, production, advertisement, denomination, etc.... According to Feng Shui theory, the movement of the universe creates an “energy” field shaped like an “S”. This energy is in the Earth and in all that exists. It is the diagram known as Tai Chi (Yin Yang) that represents that very “S” shape. Using Feng Shui theory, the “S” shape can explain many of nature’s mysteries. For instance, the Brazilian people’s feature of their emotionality and warmth is due to Brazil’s geography, as well as are the Brazilian rivers and mountains and the Brazilian women’s bodies, all displaying the “S” shape. According to Feng Shui theory, to many curves indicate amorousness and passionateness. This Brazilian feature is at first very positive. However, like everything else, if it’s taken to the extreme, it becomes emotional unbalance.