Lao Qi Gong
The Chinese QiGong has been practiced for thousands of years. What is Qi? This is a fundamental question and, to answer it, it is first necessary to understand the meaning of the ancient ideogram of the Word Qi.
The modern Word Qi was the combination of the ideograms Wu and dian.
The ideogram Wu means emptiness, the nothing. The ideogram dian has the same meaning of xiu.
The ideogram dian means “the particle which originated all matter”. In other words, “Qi” means that the origin of everything is the nothing.



Matter can be divided in two parts, which are Xing and Qi. “Xing” is the matter that our senses can perceive. “Qi” is what our senses cannot perceive, but which actually exists, which modern science has proved and studied. The union of “Xing” and “Qi” causes boundless transformations. When that happens, a form or substance is formed. When they are separated, the only thing left is “Qi”. Therefore, “Qi” is a micro-universe in movement. One of the fields of modern physics, the quantum physics, studies this micro-universe. The “Qi” can be considered as the quantum. The nature of the QiGong is the movement and vibration of that micro-substance. The “Qi” can be controlled by our thought. This control is a feature of the QiGong. The conclusion derived from this is that “Qi” is not air and is not a energy produced by physical movement. We cannot assume that QiGong is a breathing technique or method. One may say that breathing is a part of the QiGong.

Why Do We Need To Train Lao QiGong

Lao Qi Gong is the style developed by master Cai, wich was the result of his whole life training. It is characterized by keeping to the principles and the expert practice of the old masters.

Our body cannot avoid the influence that the universe has over us. It is formed by many biochemical substances that result in a high level of life, which constantly produces and transmits energy. This energy and transmission power are equal to the universe’s, and thanks to this harmony and balance, the human being acquires health and develops themselves.
The QiGong theory teaches us that our body is the micro-cosmos that is united to the macro-cosmos; the training process emphasizes feeling and purification, uniting thought and body.
We can say that QiGong can reunite or influence the human reproduction, culture, science, religion, art, etc., from their beginnings to their ends. If we do not understand what QiGong is, we won’t be able to know ourselves nor find the balance between the human being and nature.

How to Train QiGong

The principle of the training teaches that it is necessary to connect the human being to the heavens and the earth by:
• absorbing the yin and yang energy of the universe;
• isolating external influences;
• keeping the concentration;
• relaxing the body, the mind, and the spirit.

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