Lao Qi Gong - Ba Gua Zhang

1. What is Ba Gua? What is Ba Gua Zhang?
Ba Gua Zhang can be literally translated as Eight Trigrams Palm. Ba Gua Zhang is one of the internal styles of Cinese Kung Fu that are a part of the Nei Jia Quan. The tw other styles are the Xing Yi Quan and the Taiji Quan. Similar to the Xing Yi and the Taiji, the practice of Ba Gua generates Qi (Chi, or internal energy) for health as well as for fighting. The Ba Gua Zhang uses exclusively palm techniques, as the name says, Eight Trigrams Palm. That distinguishes Ba Gua Zhang from the Xing Yi and Taiji styles, both of which include fist techniques.
The most peculiar characteristic of the Ba Gua Zhang is the movement that reproduces the Ba Gua – a Taoist symbol of the I Ching (The Book of Changes). The techniques are used while one walks in a static circle. This walking technique has three purposes: to confound the adversary; to tire the adversary; and to absorb the Qi from Nature from all directions equally. The benefits for the health of this circular movement of the Qi guarantee that the Sifus are not only excellent fighters, but also they live very long lives.

2. Why one walks in a circle while to train Ba Gua Zhang?
The energy of the Universe has a circular movement. To walk inside a static circle in Ba Gua Zhang has the purpose of connecting one to the energy of the Universe; there are two circular movements in the Ba Gua Zhang.

a) one walks in a circle,
b) one’s body move in a circular manner.

3. Can one feel the energy by training Ba Gua Zhang?
Yes, for Ba Gua Zhang is internal Kung Fu. All the internal styles use internal energy.

4. How long one needs to train Ba Gua Zhang before one reaches a good level?

There are three levels:
• Basic level: The student learn the forms. For instance: the eight zhang.
• Intermediate level: The student learns to combine strength with the movements of the form.
• Advanced level: Both strength and energy are visible in the student’s form.
The length of time depends on the individual conditions of each student, but it can be roughly said that the basic level is completed after one year of continuous training.
In Bagua Zhang there is no “end”. The learning period is endless.

5. What is the use of knowing the Ba Gua Zhang?
Ba Gua Zhang can be used:
• to fight: one approaches the adversary in a circular fashion, always changing directions.
• to maintain a good health: since one walks in a static circle in both directions and seeks to connect oneself with, one Works and develops both sides of one’s body and mind, thus obtaining physical and spiritual harmony and balance. 

6. Is it necessary to have trained Qong Fu before one can learn Ba Gua Zhang?
No. It is even better not to know any other Qong Fu style, for Ba Gua Zhang differs greatly from them.

7. Who founded Ba Gua Zhang and how long ago?
Ba Gua Zhang exists for one hundred years and was founded in China by Dong Hei Chuan, of Beijing.

8. How many forms are there in the Ba Gua Zhang and what weapons does it use?
There are 64 forms. The weapons used are the sword, the spear, the stick, the sabre, and the chain.

9. What’s the difference between Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Ji Quan (Tai-Chi)?
At a deeper level, one can say there’s no difference, for both are internal styles. The difference can be


Mestre Cai Wen Yu treinando Ba Gua Yue (arma)
Mestre Cai Wen Yu treinando espada do Ba Gua